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Jamieson Publishing specialises in the production of print publications, websites and on-line media for both our own products and various client organisations. We can assist you with all aspects of this exciting business.

Jamieson Publishing is a professional team who carefully look after their client's needs and produce high quality publications very cost efficiently.

We produce a specialist range of publications for a select number of government, business and sporting organisations. Our clients have been as geographically and editorially diverse as the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and the NSW Canine Council. We have extensive experience in producing publications ranging from simple newsletters to printing full colour magazines of over 1 million copies.

Jamieson Publishing manage and supply all services in-house including editorial, photography, design, artwork, research, pre-press, printing, advertising sales and management of distribution. We can manage some or all of your publishing requirements both online and offline. Where appropriate we can also audit your current publishing operations.

If you would like to know more about Jamieson Publishing and how we may be able to assist your organisation, please contact us to discuss your special needs.

Larry Jamieson
Managing Director